Friday, July 27, 2012

Because I'm White and Nerdy

My nerdiness hit an all-time high this week, folks. (Did you know nerdiness isn't a word? I was going to use nerddom but I'm certain that's not a word. AND I type my blogs on Joel's Mac, and I'm too dumb to know how to get some suggestions from it when this bossy computer tells me I've spelled something wrong or made up a word. Oh well. Deal with it.)

What I see an average of four hours a day
As you may know, I spend hours and hours and hours and then even more hours in my car driving for my job. Over the past couple of years, I have entertained myself by attempting to listen to old CDs (that are wayyyy too scratched up, because I throw away the cases in my purging efforts), becoming NPR's biggest fan, relishing in my 6 month free subscription to Sirius radio (until it ran out), returning and making phone calls, and texting (SORRY! I'm making a real effort to stop, I promise.). But with the start of this year's travel season, I've found myself excruciatingly bored in the car. The radio sucks. NPR has been trying to put me to sleep. And you people seem to have jobs that say you can't chat on the phone for hours at a time.

So, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I have entered the world of audio books. And I must tell you, I love it. In true Casi-reading-style, I got three books and put one funny one in the Escape (also one that Joel may enjoy as he drives the Escape most often now) and one more serious one in the Camry. Also, in true Casi style, I picked up the wrong thing at the library and found myself sitting in my car with some kind of MP3 player contraption not knowing what the hell to do with it. Then Kevin yelled at me for being audio book dumb and made me go back to the library to exchange that new-fangled device for plain old CDs. (Had he not, they would have sat in my car for months while I avoided telling people I was too stupid to figure them out.)

The book I'm "reading"
If someone knows if I've read it before,
please remind me
I got to experience the first audio book yesterday whilst in the car for four hours, and I found myself mesmerized by the story. I also found myself thinking I've read this book before, but can't remember how it ends so I'm going to keep on listening until I determine "yup, I read this book in its entirety and am just too old to remember the ending." And now, on my day off, I actually find myself trying to think of reasons to get back into the car and go somewhere, because I'm dying to know what happens next. I have officially fallen into the old person audio book trap.

Other things going on in my life since I have been neglecting my blog this week:

--Jaxon stayed with us Wednesday night. He cracked me up all night long. At one point, he told me he was only ticklish when his abs were off. When he turns his abs on, he can no longer be tickled. Brilliant. He also said that Joel and I go to bed way too early and that we should really try to figure out why that is. (Note: we're old people.)

My man
--We're taking Emily's cat when she moves to Louisville. Em found a stray cat a few months ago eating garbage out of the Sonic trash can. Because I feel a connection to this cat because I may or may not have found myself doing the same thing at one point in my life, I simply can't let it stay in Kevin's backyard and potentially get tortured by him (he tortured my cats for years when we were younger). Also, one of my greatest enemies inhabit the farm: mice. Big, nasty, long-tailed assholes. So, guess what? My new friend, Sonic--I think that's what Jack named her--is coming to live at the farm and take on all those nasty little critters for meals! We're still interested to see how CD is going to feel about this and apparently she's pretty timid, so we'll have to see how Sonic feels about us too. But we're one step closer to having a mouse-free farm. YAY!

--Plans are in the works for a Colorado trip in August! Apparently it's not much cooler there, but it's got to be a little better than the scorching heat here. And it's a vacation. And we're driving, so I'll have 23 amazing hours of audio books. Joel can't wait to hear my awesome chick-lit in stereo for two whole days!

If I were a mouse, I'd want to jump right into that mouth

I had a little break one day
and used it all for snuggle time
--Clearly, I'm exhausted. I've worked a ridiculous amount this week and had to deal with some pretty interesting people. Most days, I've stumbled home around 9 or 9:30pm, shoved some kind of leftover food in my mouth, and passed out within the hour. Thus making me unable to keep up with my blog and making my life completely un-funny. There's nothing funny about a 6am alarm clock or three back-to-school fests in one day. I had ventured the idea of creating a People-of-Readifests Blog for you, complete with pictures, but I thought a--that's a little heinous for me even, and b--when I tried to take the first picture of a SHIM (Is it a she? A him? I couldn't decide), I almost got two black eyes and two broken legs.

So, just for you, my loyal readers, I will try to get into some kind of ridiculous hijinks this weekend, so I have something a little bit interesting to talk about. My preg friend is coming in from out of town, we're getting a cat, and we have some friends who are wanting to have a little get-together this weekend. So surely, surely something good will happen. If not, I'll tell you all about what's going on in my audiobook. Because I'm huge nerd.

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