Monday, July 30, 2012

The Post That Never Was

(Note: This blog was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my ADD kicked in, and I never hit publish. Or bothered to look for any pictures for the post.)

I know how much y'all love my long, rambling Sunday posts, so I thought I'd work up a real doozy for you today. There are so, so many things I should have done in my time off Friday, Saturday, and today. So I have--instead of actually doing them--chronicled them all here for you. And for your reading enjoyment, listed what I actually did instead.

Things I Should Have Done:

--The dishes that were piling up in the sink since Wednesday. If you remember, we cooked for three Wednesday evening, then I worked for a million hours on Thursday, so since then, the dishes have been piling up and collecting water since we continue to run water in the dish-filled sink.

--Put away some (okay, probably all) of the laundry sitting in the FIVE bins full of clean laundry in our bedroom. I really, honestly don't mind to do the laundry. It's just putting it away in our FOUR closets that I hate. Especially since most of the clothes that need to be hung up are mine and my huge spare room closet doesn't have an air vent and is blistering hot. Also because it's so cramped and crowded in there that I can barely fit in to hang stuff up. And CD insists on coming in with me every time I go in there. If I wasn't completely mortified of how it looked, I'd include a picture so you could get the full effect, but then I'd be so ashamed that I'd never blog again.

--Clean our bathroom. I can't even continue to talk about it, it needs to be cleaned that much.

--Organize my office. I just continue to pile stuff up on and around my desk. It's so bad that I no longer sit at my desk to work. I just pull my laptop to the bed. Which also has clothes piling up on it.

--Clean the clothes off the bed. Most days, I pile my gently worn clothes at the top post of my side of the bed. They are starting to take over my pillow, so they definitely need to be moved.

--Work. I could do any number of things to catch up/get ahead of paperwork. I've done none of it this weekend.

--Grocery shop. The door to the fridge is now closing just fine. Which means I feel compelled to buy more food.

--Washed our sheets. It's really only been a few days since they were washed last, but I have gotten in them with sunscreen and/or bug spray on. And that grosses me out.

--Clean out the Escape. Now that the Camry is pristine (thanks 100% to Joel, because I basically stood around whining about mosquitos while he cleaned it), the Escape looks terrible inside.

--Lots of other things that I'm ignoring or avoiding, simply because I don't want to do them.

Things I Actually Did:


--Laid in bed way too long Friday morning. What can I say? It was my day off.

--Caught up on blogs I'd been too busy to read throughout the week. If you haven't yet read Jamie's journey to having her sweet Micah in her life, read it here. Have tissues handy.

--Blogged a bit myself. Also, I found out that my friend Amanda spent two whole hours reading my blog on Friday. I'm ignoring the fact that she's in Wisconsin, and there may not be tons to do other than read some girl's blog. I'm still super stoked about it. (That may be the first and only time I have/will use the word stoked.) So shout out to Amanda!! Also, I found out Joel's dad reads my blog! Shout out to him not only for reading my blog, but also for producing a person who puts up with my crap every single day.

--Had lunch with my friend, Elizabeth. It was so awesome to see her and catch up and hear how great things are going for her. I'm so happy for her and no one deserves it more than she does!

--Spent a little time with sweet, baby Jovie. When I walked in the door, she said, "Hi, Casi!" Pretty amazing. Then she told me that she really likes to eat candy instead of her mom's roast, and that her daddy will be sleeping in the crib in her room and not, in fact, her baby sister who still lives in her mom's belly. And then I tried to steal her, but Stephanie caught me and made me give her back. (Note: I will also try this with the new baby.)

--Took my cousin Stephanie (Jovie's mom) out for 30th birthday ice cream. I'm actually about a week late, but I have this crazy busy job and Stephanie has a job AND two and half kids, so we finally got around to spending time together for her birthday. And what do you do for a preg for her 30th? ICE CREAM. (Notes: I ate way more ice cream than she did, and I'm not preg. And this is my reminder that my 30th is a little over 6 months away. Steph handled her's gracefully. I may not. She said she'd feel much better about her 30th birthday if she weren't preg, and I said, strangely, I feel the exact opposite.)

--Went to TJ Maxx to return a $12 shirt. Accidentally bought five more shirts and a dress. And replaced the other shirt I returned with the right size. Oops.

--Went to our friend, Jason's cookout. That was super fun, and the weather was amazing, and we sang songs for hours. I did not, however, grace everyone with the gift of my singing voice. Mostly because my head was pounding, and I didn't want theirs to be as well.


--Went to lunch (at the same place I went Friday) with Carrie and her parents. Waited over an hour for our pizza. Wanted to eat two pieces but was embarrassed to be the only one who ate two. I later found out someone else at the table ate two pieces then was so pissed that I missed out on my second piece.

--Laid at the pool with Carrie and burned tanned just the left side of my body, because we were too busy talking to worry about where the sun was and where our sunscreen was and when we should turn.

--Came home to see that the stinky dishes had set so long that Joel did them. Sent him a text praising this gesture, because, frankly, they probably still would have been sitting there.

--Snuggled with CD. Did not share my mozzarella cheese sticks with him, but did share my ice cream with him.

--Watched the Bachelor Pad. Why? Because the Bachelorette is over.

--Slept for 14 straight hours. I can't explain it other than my body is probably exhausted from having a pounding headache for like six straight days that I can't get rid of despite the hundreds of Ibuprofens I've been taking.


--Woke up with a terribly sore throat. Asked Joel 100 times if I have a fever, as if somehow my high temperature will justify my crappy feeling. Because he's wonderful and puts up with it, he answered, "hmmm, maybe a little" every.single.time.

--Weighed myself every time I peed hoping that it would somehow make me lighter. It did not.

--Spent too much time scrolling through Jenny Lawson's pins on Pinterest.

--Drank too much homemade vanilla iced coffee hoping a little caffeine would make me feel lots better. Instead, it made me shaky and feel like I was going to pass out.

--Started the rest of the dirty laundry. Again, it's not the doing laundry I hate. It's the putting away.

--Stared at the clean laundry. Still didn't put it away.

I am starting to feel a little bit better, so who knows where the day will take me. Probably not anywhere productive, just like the direction this blog took.


  1. I am getting new dressers and night stands so will be spending the day un-putting away all my clothes so that the deliverers can take my existing dressers away. Also cleaning out from under the bed since I'm getting a new bed with absolutely no under-the-bed room. Can we guess how long all of this stuff will stay boxed up?

  2. Home from Wisconsin & am finally catching up again. Right now, I'm watching G-Dawg scream his head off while I'm trying to train him to sleep in his own bed for the FIRST.TIME.EVER. (note: NOT my kid) you're making me laugh & preventing my suicide!!