Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things that Go through My Mind (Or Ramblings of a Mad Woman)

What? You don't spoon your dog whilst wearing a bikini?
1. Why isn't our dog sleeping in our bed anymore? I know that the fact that he sleeps in the bed might be something that most normal people would complain about, but I'm taking it quite personally that he's not interested in snuggling anymore. This is the most cuddly dog you'll ever meet and usually wants nothing more than for me to spoon him all night long (except maybe for Joel to spoon him all night, but Joel's core temperature at night at 167 degrees so that's not happening). But lately he rather sleep on the floor, in his own bed (I know, crazy), or in the bathroom floor than come sleep with us. Maybe it's too hot, but I need to squeeze my feet under his 77 lb body to sleep, and I'm pissed that he won't let me.

2. Why don't I eat Subway salads every single day of my life? They are cheap, delicious, and one salad makes like three meals. But...

3. Why did the Subway girl insist upon putting 800 jalapenos on my salad when I asked to go light on them. I had a total of three tomatoes, three cucumbers, and a small handful of banana peppers, but she called a dump truck in to load on the jalapenos. I'm going to be paying for that one for days.

4. Why don't I have the urge or love of cooking like most normal people with a uterus? I am reading lots of blogs about cooking, and that all sounds great, but I just don't get excited about it. Even when, on a whim, I decide I'll cook for Joel, I end up getting bored and giving up, or I've made such a mess and thrown such a fit that he has to come save the day, or I ask so many questions that my kitchen incompetency becomes hard to ignore, and he takes over. And he's such a great cook that I'm 100% okay with that. And if he doesn't feel like cooking, I'm 100% okay with letting Dave Thomas do it for us. I just didn't get that gene passed down to me.

Our house
5. Why is my hair the consistency of shredded wheat? No matter what I do or try. I have straw hair.

What God put on my head because the hair bin was empty that day.
6. Does someone actually pay me to do what I do for a living? I went on several visits today to see some of my contacts and had such a good time that I find it incredibly hard to call this a job. I'm going to start calling it my past time. And, for the record, I'm going to start calling my work phone my 'bat phone,' because that sh*t's hilarious.

7. I wish Destiny, Jo, Jamie, Erin, Carrie, and Rachel all lived closer to me. On second thought, maybe it's best they don't. I'd never get a single productive thing done ever again.

8. Will I ever write the product review I've been meaning to write since Saturday? I keep sitting down to do it, but my ADD insists upon me writing something else that's usually completely meaningless.

9. What day is it??? (Because I never, ever know. I have said three times today that it's Thursday and had to be corrected.)

10. Do people actually read my blog??? I don't mean this in a self-deprecating way at all, but I'm really shocked I'm getting as much feedback as I'm getting. Several people have talked to me about it and mentioned they read it or commented on it, and I'm like "really???" It's mostly just a fun (read vain) thing that I do, but I love that people are following and actually getting some kind of enjoyment out of it. I am really, really excited about it. (PS--I pinned Joel down after my morning blog and made him confess how excited he was about it. Who wins? Me.) So, as long as you people keep reading, I'll keep writing...and writing...and writing...and writing...

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