Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lucky Number 215

I got up this morning and realized I had 215 page views! I went to bed last night thinking that if I hit 200 page views, I'd start a new, special trend. Seeing the 215 this morning, I knew it was time. You see, I've been keeping a running count of page views. Here's how the conversations have gone:

Me: Baby, I have 48 page views! That's almost 50.
Joel: That's good, baby.
Me: I am really excited about this.
Joel: I see that.

Next day.

Me: Honey, I have 75 page views. That's huge.
Joel: Yup.

Two days later:

Me: Over 100 page views.
Joel: (ignores me)

Last night:

Me: (overly excited) I have 167 page views, honey. Can you believe that????
Joel: That's good, baby.
Me: Are you mocking me?
Joel: No, I think it's great that you're doing this.
Me: Are you as excited about it as me??
Joel: (ignores me)

First thing this morning:

Joel: Wow.
Me: Are you tired of hearing about this yet?
Joel: No. (gets up and goes to the bathroom, which means, he's tired of hearing it)

But I know that you guys are all as excited as me. So, now for the new addition to my posts.

You see, my girl friends and I always seem to be taking care of other people. And as people pleasers, we always put ourselves last on the list of people to do things for. I'm always pointing out how messed up this is. A few months ago, Destiny and I decided we were going to start giving ourselves gifts every day. It could be anything that we consider enjoyable: a nap, a new nail polish, 15 minutes of reading, doing something other than doing the dishes when we get home from work. Just whatever makes you happy. So I'm going to start including my daily gift on each one of my blogs. I encourage you to leave a comment about what your gift was each day too.

Also, I am always trying to be conscious of things I'm thankful for. I was reminded of this by my friend Sharla's post today. So I'm also going to start including the things I am thankful for each day. Now, besides my constant rambling, you can look forward to seeing the new additions each day. I know you're so excited you can't stand it. Now, keep looking at my page, so I can successfully drive Joel completely crazy.

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