Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brotherly Love

Let me tell you about my brothers. When we were younger, it was pretty much a love/hate relationship. They loved to make me hate them.

BFFs since 1983
We give family love a bad name
In the summer time, we would beg our mother to let us go out and swim in our above ground pool (clearly, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth). Knowing us all too well, she would warn that if the boys splashed me in the face, we would all be made to come inside. "Please, pleeeeease don't splash your sister in the face," she'd plea. In a matter of mere minutes, she would hear the familiar sound of my wales because my brothers had almost immediately splashed me in the face rendering me blind and unable to breathe. There was also the time when Kevin and I were drip-drying (again, our extravagant lifestyle didn't allow for beach towels) one evening while Dad was bar-b-quing. Kevin was dipping the brush into the sauce and sucking on the brush (a common practice when Dad was grilling, along with begging for raw hot dogs). As I asked over and over to give me a turn at the brush, Kevin finally turned with a grin on his face, and held the brush out. As I approached for my turn, he swiped the BBQ sauce covered brush through my eyes. Dad had to wash my eyes out with the hose and thus began my first of many bouts of crazy crack eye. Kevin also had many antics he enjoyed at the lake we frequented. I have come up from the water to be met with loogies (or hockers or snot bombs or whatever you want to call them) being projectiled right into my eye. I have come up to find a lump of hard clay being slung directly at my face and landing right between my eyes. It was never-ending. Chris once broke his arm, because he was sitting in a tree spitting on me and Kevin standing below when the branch broke and sent him flying to the ground. He may or may not have totally deserved that.
Our annual wishbone contest...Kevin always wins (read cheats)

In the winter, it was much of the same. We would beg to go out and play in the snow, and Mom would, in turn, plead with my brothers to please, please not throw snow in my face. Minutes after being completely bundled up and herded outside, I'd return to the house, bawling. You see, my brothers weren't throwing snow balls in my face, but yet, they were holding me down, stuffing snow into my boots, gloves, and sides of my hood. I was a Cas-sicle within minutes, and they found it to be hilarious.

To this day, I can't put my head under blankets, because my brothers used to trap me under them and not let me out until I was headed toward certain death. Clearly, they've left quite the mark on me.

The family that parties together stays together
One might think that I hold a grudge against my brothers or maybe that I'm terrified to go near them. On the contrary, my brothers are two of my best friends in the whole world. We are "in it" together and are there for each other when no one else has been. There are moments in my life where I felt like I could turn to no one, and there, standing in front of me with open arms, were my brothers. They have wiped my tears, pep-talked me, and kicked my ass into gear when I've needed it. And no matter what is going on in life that makes me frustrated with them, want to shake them, or want to go tell Mom on them, if they need me, I'm right there by their sides without blinking an eye. I would do anything for those boys, and I know they'd do anything for me.

Our parents are so proud
Many people aren't close with their siblings and may go years and years without speaking to them. Chris, Kevin, and I are so lucky to have each other and lucky to know that when we need someone, we can always call each other. I'm honestly not sure what I'd do without those guys, and I hope I never, ever have to find out. 

No, really, I do like him

The cutest kids on the block

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  1. This is awesome. Re-read it when they're driving you nuts!