Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gifts and Thankfulness Vol. 2


Today, I really, really wanted a nap--since my nap yesterday was a mere 15 minutes. So when I got home and realized Joel was napping, I saw my opportunity. I laid down for a nap and proceeded to be called, texted, or Facebook messaged by everyone I know. CD also asked to go out twice. So we'll say my gift was having Arby's for lunch. Twice in one week. Apparently good mood food it is.

1--I am thankful for the little man who stands on the porch on Byers Avenue playing rock music on his Paper Jamz.
2--I am thankful for the man who sleeps next to me each night, and when I wake up at 2am with a pounding headache and sore throat, is right there with medicine and snuggles to make me feel better.
3--I am thankful for my family--both near and far--who stick together through thick and thin. And fight for each other. I will always fight for them too.

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