Sunday, September 9, 2012

Casi and Joel: A Year in Photos

It's a big day in the Clark/Osborne home, so I thought I'd take a break from my as-of-late rants and celebrate...mine and Joel's one year anniversary! Now, there is some debate over the actual date that should be celebrated, as our first date was Sept. 8 of last year, but on Sept. 9 of last year (our second date), Joel said, "Oh! Wouldn't 9-9-11 be a great anniversary?" And so it was. The rest is history.

 I have compiled my favorite pics from the last twelve months for you here.

Casi and Joel: A Year in Pictures

Sept 2011 at the farm

Oct 2011 Halloween

Nov 2011 Buffalo Road Show in IN

Nov 2011 Thanksgiving (Christmas Card Pic)

Dec 2011 Fiorella Christmas Party

Dec 2011 Pryor/Clark/Spalding etc Family Potluck
Dec2011/Jan 2012 New Year's Eve

Feb 2012 Costa Rica--My 29th Bday

Feb 2012 Costa Rica

March 2012 Family Time

April 2012 Melting Pot with the Barrs
April 2012 at the Farm (Blurry but my favorite picture!!)

May 2012 Cinco de Mayo!

June 2012 Joel's Temporary Tattoo 

July 2012 Baker/Roberts Wedding

July 2012 Newton Lake Trip

July 2012 Fourth of July Celebration

July 2012 Fourth of July Celebratory Kiss

August 2012 Dancing at the Yellow Rose

August 2012 Brunch in Nashville with Scott and Rachel

Excited for many, many more years together!

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