Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Hairy Debate

If you have known me for any significant amount of time, you have likely known me as a brunette, blonde, and all shades in between. You have probably also heard me sing the praises of my salon expert, Leslie (at Essentials--message me for her digits). (I decided that she'll be called a salon expert, because I hate the term hairdresser and calling her my stylist makes me sound like I think I'm famous. Side note: I actually do think I'm famous.)

So I always have this internal debate going on about what color my hair should be. And by internal, I mean that I make everyone listen to me weigh the pros and cons of each color, and then I poll the audience about their color of preference. What I've discovered is that if someone met me or spent a significant amount of time with me while I had brown hair, they prefer brown hair. If they met or hung out with me a lot when I was blonde, they prefer me blonde. Both my parents prefer me to be blonde. That's because I was blonde growing up, I suspect. I go back and forth on my preference. I will look at pictures of myself when I had brown hair and think, "damn, I look good." Then I will see a picture of myself with dark hair, and I'll be all, "what the hell was I thinking?" And the same happens with my blonde pics. So, here, let's go through the evolution of Casi's hair...

It took me about three years to grow even a single hair, so it's good that I'm adventurous.
Big, bad, and blonde as a little lady

College--mostly natural
Highlighted with a badass 'stache
Short, sassy, and boob-a-licious

Dyed to match the moooostache

Shortish and ba-londe. Maybe my fave.

Kinda short, kinda long, kinda straight, kinda curly, kinda blonde, kinda red. Really confusing.

Back in blonde

First attempt at going dark

Actual, official dark hair
Wait, what???

Au naturale

But getting light...
And lighter...

And lighter...

And ka-bam! Blondie McBlonde. (I also love this color.)
 Which brings us to yesterday when I had a hair appointment with my resident expert, Leslie. Leading up to the appointment, I was doing my usual back-and-forth panic-mode/stare at old pictures of me/ask everyone I know what I should do. There was part of me that considered going back to my natural color but keeping some highlights (when I went natural about 18 months ago, I found...gray! And not just one, it was a freaking party of them. And they don't play well with others. My grays are wily!), but I hadn't mentioned this to anyone. Cut to Leslie...

Let me explain why Leslie is so great. When I lived in Lexington, I had the same hair lady for 8 years. She knew my hair and did a good job. (She was known to talk a little too much and get my locks a little too short. I'm going to search for a picture of this, because, frankly, it's hilarious.)

This is the terrible, awful, no good, very bad 'do my lady in Lex did. And this is after about three weeks after it grew out some. OUCH.

Then I moved to Owensboro and began the great hair expert hunt. I went to several different people, paid ridiculous amounts of money, and never seemed to be satisfied. Until I met Leslie. She knew exactly what I meant when I explained what I wanted, she was just as adventurous as me in the hair color department, and she is cute and hilarious and I found in her a lifelong hair expert.

So I showed up yesterday to see her, not having a clue what to tell her to do, and she immediately said, "I have some ideas." Because she's never led me astray, I fully trust her with my head, and gave her free reign to play around. As she was blow-drying my hair, I realized...she had gone VERY VERY close to my natural color with a few blonde highlights left. It's as if this girl can read my mind. She also did this amazing Schwarzkopf treatment that turns my shredded wheat into silken strands. I'm not even kidding; this girl works wonders. Here was the end result.
The new color
From each angle

Up close and personal. So pretty.

So, I'm back to close to natural with a hint of red and blonde. Amazing.

Also, I got to spend some time with Destiny yesterday and our obsession with each other continued. I got her husband's phone number, so that there is never a moment in my life that I can't get in touch with Dee. When we got home from dinner, giddy and ridiculous, Patrick asked what was up with our weird bromance. Coincidently, we dubbed it a LOmance. Get it? What's even more lomantic than that? Destiny's blogging again!!

Amendment: Upon reviewing this blog, I'm realizing one might also consider it, the evolution of Casi's phatness. Wowza.

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