Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gifts and Thankfulness Vol. 3

Friday's Gift to Me Was:

Sugar. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Those of you who know me know that I try hard to limit the amount of carbs and sugar I eat. Yesterday, however, I bought and ate a square of pistachio nut fudge--awesome, had several drinks of Joel's Chocolate Banana Malt, and shared a banana split with him. Mmmmm. Totally worth it.

Friday, I was thankful for:

1--Having Jo and Destiny in my life. They are wonderful and amazing friends. They inspire me, make me laugh, and understand my crazy ways.

2--Having Joel to come home to. Spending our evenings together doing what makes us happy. Eating ice cream and watching movie previews, but not being able to decide on a movie.

3--Patrick O'Rourke. I am thankful that Destiny has him! Her car had a little glitch yesterday afternoon on the way home, and he didn't hesitate to jump in the car and drive two hours to help out his wife. I love that he loves her so much. She absolutely deserves it.

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